National seminar in Constanta, Romania

Another activity organized by CCINA Constanta for promoting RESPONS project was organizedon 24 September 2015. The event was a national seminar during which were presented all the instruments of life learning in HORECA activity, but dedicated to managers of small hotels and restaurants.

At the event there were invited to participate representatives of local and regional educational institutions, Constanta County School Inspectorate, local and national authorities, tourism employers and associations, National Tourism Authority, schools and training centers in tourism, companies in the field of HORECA.

The event was attended by 48 people, representatives of public authorities and HORECA stakeholders, as well as implementation team members:

The national seminar was opened by Mr. Ion Danut Juganaru, who presented the project RESPONS, and the presentation of the RESPONS products and the guidance about how to use them was made by Ms. Mihaela Lazareanu.

Regarding  the resulted products, all the participants were very satisfied about this new way of approaching responsible tourism saying that is very important to develop it in Romania too.

Also, according to the agenda were presented the methods of managing a small hotel / restaurant in a socially, responsible and sustainable way, and also the good practice examples. During the national seminary many of the participants explained that unfortunately in Romania there aren’t many places that are managed in a responsible way and neither constructed by these new regulations.Participants stated that the project can be considered an information document required in the field of hospitality to kick start this new niche.

The participants were very interested by the examples and methods that have emerged from field studies conducted for the project.

From the forms filled out by the participants (10 hoteliers, 3 restaurants, 1 representative VET , 1 representative of the university , 2 representatives from CCI , 5 representatives of local and central authorities , 2 representatives of NGOs, 2 agents tourism , 2 students , 1 representative from services and 1 of the airline ) they have proposed the following:

  • wider dissemination of project results, in all sectors of economic interest ( profile ) and education ;
  • to provide more practical examples and results;

As a feedback after analyzing questionnaires and discussions during the national seminar, we can mention a few issues:

  • the document is very useful for training specialists in tourism and services field, containing lot of useful information;
  • is an interactive, modern, friendly tool for learning and easy to understand;-all the examples given in the E-handbook chapters are very useful and can be considered an      “exchange with partner countries in the project states and the EU space;-it is relevant for the tourism and hospitality training in the field;-sustainability is an important pillar for the development of tourism and should be considered in future projects and activities, the project is a first step through which we can understand its importance;

As a conclusion during the national seminar, participants mentioned that after the seminary will promote the E-handbook to their students, colleagues in HORECA field and will  usethe examples of best practice in the field of hospitality for their own businesses.