National Seminar in France


On October 30th 2015, GIP FCIP organized the French national seminar to present RESPONS products to professionals and to staff of VET.
17 people attended the meeting, organized for two different target groups.
The morning session was dedicated to professionals of HORECA sector (hotel and restaurant managers) and the afternoon session to VET professionals.
During the morning session, Respons Project and main products were presented. Professionals were very interested by HORECA Skills Analysis, European Qualifications Frameworks for the professions “manager of a small hotel” and “manager of a small restaurant” and the e-handbook for Socially Responsible Management of small hotels and restaurants.
During the afternoon session was organized a workshop for VET professionals to explore tools created and possibilities of use for vocational training:
– Awareness trainers;
– Introduction of content in the training courses.
Trainers plan to exploit the online resources in their courses: they say their interest particularly for all resources related to the environment and responsible management of the activity.