Responsible Skills Alliance for Sustainable management of small hotels and restaurants

About the project

We have created the Responsible Skills Alliance for sustainable management of small hotels and restaurants, because we believe that by the knowledge we will provide support for many small hotels and restaurants in Europe to change or create their business in a modern and responsible manner.

When a person wakes up in the morning and looks the day cheerful… And when he wants to tear away from everyday life, his desire is to spend the holidays with his family in a nice hotel which will create the feeling of home comfort, to eat delicious food in a nearby restaurant, sharing joys and woes with loved people.

How this cozy environment could be achieved?

By knowledge and responsibility.
Knowledge about the responsible management, the application of health and safety conditions and sustainable practices, observance of the environmental standards.

Responsibility for the people we work with, for the environment in which our business is functioning, for the cultural and historical heritage left by our ancestors.

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