Round table in Bulgaria

On 24 of April the round table on RESPONSible Skills Alliance project has been carried out in Dobrich (Bulgaria).

Participants: vice-governor of Dobrich region, representatives from Educational departments of Dobrich, Balchik and Shabla Municipalities, Regional council of CITUB and BHRA, directors of Vocational school of tourism, IUC and Programme francophone d’hôtellerie et restauration of NBU.

During the meeting RESPONS Alliance has been presented – project’s aims and objectives, expected results and main products in development.
Conclusions of the national survey have been confirmed. The representative of the target group of RESPONS project’s didactic materials is:
– Manager of a small hotel/restaurant; he/she is usually responsible for up to 9 employees, working with high probability in a family-run business, which is located in a small/ midsize city;
– She/he has knowledge, skills and competences to perform the daily and routine management of the business, but he/she is willing and looking to enrich them by the means of innovative solutions and methods;
– Her/his daily schedule is filled-in, she/he does not have free time, and she/he is managing a small team;
– She/he is able to adapt to the changes, can work and cooperate with the team;
– She/he posses some knowledge on ICT, foreign languages, but recognizes the need to improve her/his skills;
– She/he appreciates the importance of the new realities in the business world, realizing that the information and communication technologies are a tool for communication, advertising, marketing, etc.;
– She/he recognizes that learning and improving skills and competencies are processes that depend to a great extent on her/his will and capability;
– She/he is responsible to innovations in the area;
– She/he wants to develop her/his business and to be competitive.

The manager of HORECA SME expects a training that is appropriate to her/his needs and meets her/his criteria regarding:
– Type, time and methods of conducting of the training;
– Program and curriculum;
– Interactivity, practical orientation;
– Innovative content;
– Maximum utilization of time and resources;
– Practical benefits for improvement of the tourist product and higher satisfaction of the end consumer.

The matrixes with learning outcomes for two professions and the vocational profile of the manager of small hotel and manager of small restaurant have been presented. They correspond to level 5 of the National and European Qualification Framework. The proposed professional profiles are developed in terms of the activities executed by the manager of small hotel/restaurant, of her/his daily responsibilities and of her/his own personal qualities.
RESPONS results and products are expected with great interest and the participants in the Round table will make their efforts not only to promote the products but also to support their implementation by more representatives of the target groups.